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The University of Girona (UdG) by means of its Research & Technology Transfer Office (TTO) provides services to 117 research groups, 42 of which have been recognized as Consolidated Research Group of Catalonia and 4 among them have been incorporated into the TECNIO network, the top Catalonia's Government excellence research network.
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Organic SubstancesFiltration and Membrane ProcessesCytology, Cancerology, OncologyMedical ResearchPharmaceutical Products / Drugs and 10 more
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Technology Transfer Office

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The proposed technology is a concept that combines OMBR (osmotic membrane bioreactor) with MBR (membrane bioreactor) in a single module therefore it reduces the difficulties of installation and simplifies the operation system. Thus, this technology would renew all or part of the existing systems wit[…]

The Y-Cr@nium technology consists of a 3D geometrical model that systematizes the 22 cranial bones. It demonstrates what is the mechanical behavior of the skull in case of impact and therefore changes the paradigm when designing cranial prostheses and protective equipments such as motorcycle helmets[…]

The present technology is a Web application integrable in a public or private health system, which facilitates the detection of dyslipidemia in general, and familiar hypercholesterolemia in particular. WEB-CDSS HTE 3.0 allows to customize the hypolipidemic treatment, considering its cardiovascular r[…]

The 3D Additive Manufacturing Machine developed for tubular medical devices is based on the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and the 3-axis 3D printing technologies. The filament is melted into the extruder nozzle, which deposited the material onto a heated computer-controlled platform.[…]

The present invention provides improved bioelectrochemical systems and methods for removing oxidised nitrogen compounds from water streams, preferably groundwater and wastewater. It comprises the next innovative aspects: 1.It's a new biological cell, environmentally friendly. 2.It works with many […]

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